Ukrainian Minibus Driver Fired After Refusing to Grant UAF “Heroine” Free Travel

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Dnepropetrovsk a minibus driver refused to transport free of charge a participant of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the east of Donbass. For this he lost his job. The girl, Maria Kovalchuk, showed him her document on participation in the “anti-terrorist operation”, however the driver decided to not grant her the right for free travel. The refusal was sounded, as it was reported, rudely.

As a reminder, Ukraine gave combatants in Donbass the right to travel free of charge on public transport. However, this rule was not liked by some.

“You started a war, and we, normal people, suffer! Without you, Banderists, all of us lived well!” wrote the Dnipropetrovsk nationalist Artur Sidenko [a witness to the incident – ed] on his page on Facebook, quoting the driver.

After the incident became known, the driver was fired. By the way, the post from social networks was removed also.

Recently reported about a case with the widow of a UAF fighter who was beaten in a shop for ignorance towards the Ukrainian language. The woman didn’t understand the words of the seller in Ukrainian. And when she asked again, she received the answer: “I will sell nothing to you”. After that the Ukrainian was pulled by her hair directly out of the store. She wrote about it in an angry post on Facebook.

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