Ukrainian Minister Georgy Tuka Called To “Shatter Russia Into Parts”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The deputy minister concerning the “temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine” Georgy Tuka said that the relations of Kiev with Moscow have to be, first of all, pragmatic. He noted that Russia “will always remain the enemy” of the independence of Ukraine, that’s why Kiev must make the efforts so that “Russia is shattered into parts”.

“I don’t think that in Russia there is a chance for the far-right to come to power. They are marginals and can come to power only as a result of a coup. As for relations with Russia, they have to be, first of all, pragmatic,” he noted.

Tuka also noted that he doesn’t understand the theses about “fraternal peoples”, “fraternal love”, and “other drivel about united people”.

“Politically in the long term Russia will remain the enemy of an independent Ukraine, that’s why our task is to seek to shatter Russia into parts,” he summarised.

As a reminder, in October the scandalous former gauleiter of Lugansk region and deputy minister for the “occupied” territories Tuka said that the standoff with the West will lead to the disintegration of Russia. Earlier he also said that Russia is an absolute enemy for Ukraine, and war with it will continue until a victory for one of the sides.

It should be noted that similar statements were sounded by many Ukrainian officials and militants. Earlier the former commander of the punitive “Azov” regiment Andrey Biletsky urged the government in Kiev to weaken Russia from within and then strike a blow on it.

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Also, in November the notorious Ukrainian Nazi Dmitry Korchinsky on the air of channel “112 Ukraine” urged the authorities of the country not to adopt any compromise laws concerning Donbass, and to transfer military operations to the territory of Russia.

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