Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Wants to Build a Road to Bandera’s Birthplace

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan decided to construct a road to the village Staryi Uhryniv – the home of Stepan Bandera – after he was struck by the “incredible energy of the place”. The minister wrote about this on Facebook.

“During his term as minister, he had to coordinate, argue, and demand the repair not of one road. Odessa-Reni, Nikolaev-Dneper, Carpathian region, Lvov-Odessa, Kharkov-Dovzhansky…

But for me all this time travelling on Staryi Uhryniv was always special. The road to Bandera.

I visited the place where the great Leader was born for the first time this year, even though I knew about it since childhood and saw many photos of that part of the yard, which by a miracle remained intact through the difficult 20th century.

The incredible energy, there is the impression that this big family, which was ruthlessly destroyed by communistic nazi moloch, still lives there, and right now it will come out from behind the corners of the house, commune, and will bless,” wrote Omelyan.

The minister initiated the “urgent restoration of the road to Bandera”. “The immediate goal is to capitally restore 4 km, and if we are in time, then all 8 km of the way to Staryi Uhryniv. We have to remember and be with the heroes!” added Omelyan.

The attitude towards the repairing of the roads shocked the head of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky.

“The minister was so impressed that he started having visions about Bandera ‘coming out from behind the corners of the house, communing, and blessing’. I will remind that recently Omelyan named a ship in honor of Roman Shukhevych. One can only imagine what it will be if Omelyan visits the Fatherland of Shukhevych, Petliura, Stetsko, Konovalts, Teligi, and others!” wrote Dolinsky on Facebook.

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