Ukrainian Minister of Social Policy: If the State Funeral Payment Is Not Enough, It’s the Children’s Problem

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The pension reform provides an increase of pensions not for all, but only for 90% of pensioners…

This was stated on October 20th by the Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada, reports RBC Ukraine. “From a total of 11.7 million pensioners, the size of the pension increased for 10,238,859 pensioners, or 90% of their total number,” said the official.

According to him, pensions weren’t recalculated for about 900,000 people, who receive payments under special laws – in particular: People’s Deputies, public servants, officials of local government, and others.

Thus, children will have to bury their parents without counting on the help of the State. Reva declared this on the program “Batsman” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

During the program the host asked the Minister of Social Policy a question on behalf of one of the viewers of the program: is it possible to bury someone on two of their pensions, which are paid by the State after death?

After the death of her mother the woman received 2500 UAH of “funeral money”, and asked: under what fence and in what cardboard box should burial happen on this money?

“Any comment will be cynical,” said Reva. “I also buried my father, and not on two pensions. I, being the son, found the opportunity to resolve this issue”.

He noted that it is a “painful and bad topic”, and recognized: “In any case I don’t think that someone can be buried on two pensions. It is impossible”.

As “Vesti” earlier wrote, the first pensioners already received their new “modernized” pensions, but in practice the reform advertized by the government made only a few happy. Moreover, for some payments were even reduced. Experts say that one shouldn’t trust promises, in fact there isn’t any money in the pension fund and there isn’t expected to be any in the near future.

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Thus “Vesti” found out how to receive a pension of 16,500 UAH in Ukraine. The economists who analysed the new pension legislation say that most Ukrainians won’t feel the “improvement”, because everything rests against a weak economy and its extremely sluggish growth. But some will be lucky.

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