Ukrainian Minister Vadim Chernysh: Today the Residents of Donbass Are Less Known as “Terrorists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian state and society has started to “partially” change its attitude towards the residents of Donbass living on the territories non-controlled by Kiev. 
This was stated at a press conference in Kiev by the so-called “Minister of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs” Vadim Chernysh.

“I want to say what has changed since 2014, and it is thanks to the efforts of the people who are present here. The theses and information that are sent to society on the territories that Ukraine controls have changed, and things have also partially started to change concerning those who live within the borders of the occupied territories.

Do you remember when in 2014 it was said that everyone who lives there are terrorists? Or accomplices? This means that we started to move in this direction. Many, even public figures, didn’t take the responsibility to resist such thesis, because they were immediately obstructed. And even among those who are present there… we won’t list them right now… but many people personally felt this,” he said.

After five years of genocide in Donbass, it is only now – at the end of 2018 – that fringe voices from among the Ukrainian junta are starting to state publicly what has been factually known since day 1. So this means that thousands of people have been killed because of a subjective (illegal) assessment that seemingly changes with the weather?

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