Ukrainian Ministry of Health Officially Introduced the Concept Of “A Person of an Undetermined Gender”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Health of Ukraine approved within its structure documents providing the possibility of transgenderism.

The document, where besides traditional “male” and “female” gender options there is also an option for “undetermined”, was found by the journalist Orest Sokhar, who published on his page on Facebook a link to the document.

“In the framework of the introduction of family medicine, the Ministry of Health now approved the Declaration on the choice of doctor on rendering first aid. Thus, in the column “gender” are three options: М/F/U. I.e. – No [gender – ed]. We have just a few transgender people all over the country, while in our medicine there are an incredible quantity of other problems … but the Ministry of Health determined its priorities,” wrote Sokhar.

He also added that the document was approved by the Minister Suprun and is passing through formal confirmation by her subordinates.

Thus, the journalist expressed concern that for the sake of tolerance in the near future such definitions as “mother” and “father” will be refused in Ukraine.

“If we continue to further scoop ‘world values’ in the same way, we will soon forbid to call parents father and mother, because in homosexual couples there are no mothers and fathers”.

It is possible to look at a sample of the document on the official site of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine.

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