The Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare Will Purchase An “Anti-Depressant” for Children That Provokes Suicidal Tendencies

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Healthcare announced a tender for the purchase of medicines for children suffering from mental disorders and autism. This was reported on January 10th on the Ministry’s website by its press service.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), within the framework of a contract signed between the Ministry of Healthcare and UNDP in Ukraine, announced tenders for the purchase of medicines and medical products.

Medicines are to be purchased in 5 directions, one of which is called “Purchase of medicines for children with mental disorders and autistic behavior”. In total, it is planned to buy 21 medicines to treat children.

Among them is the anti-depressant fluoxetine, which increases suicidal tendencies, instead of providing healing. This medicine will be used to correct children’s disorders that were earlier treated through education, communication, and, in severe cases – a telling off:

  • Melancholy and introvertedness;

  • Uncontrolled, aggressive behaviour;

  • The aspiration to do harm to people, participation in fights;

  • Attempts to self-harm or making statements about the intention to commit suicide;

  • Attacks of sudden, baseless, all-consuming fear, panic;

  • Refusal of food;

  • Chronic conditions of uneasiness and fear;

  • Difficulties with concentration, restlessness;

  • Frequent mood changes.

As of 2016, in Ukraine, 694,928 people were diagnosed with mental disorders because of alcohol intake and narcotic substances. Most likely, this figure will grow many times after children are “treated” with fluoxetine.

The story of this medicine originates in 1974, when scientists from the American company “Eli Lilly and Company” registered fluoxetine. The medicine is intended to be given to persons suffering from depression and the inhibition of motor activity, and who wanted to overcome anxiety and insomnia.

However, as it later became known, fluoxetine, instead of curing depression, enhances the thirst for suicide, many people who took it committed suicide, although beforehand doctors did not observe any suicidal tendencies in these people.

“Eli Lilly and Company” appeared in the epicenter of a loud scandal after a mass of suicides of people who took the anti-depressant. The company deliberately concealed the fact that fluoxetine causes a strange excited state, provoking them towards suicide or murder.

The producer also hid information about suicides stemming from the use of Prozac (one of the names of fluoxetine) during clinical tests. The company explained the cases of suicide by excess dosages or blamed the entire crisis on depression.

For reference: the usage of fluoxetine can cause strong side effects, such as involuntary movements, sexual dysfunction, stammering, tics, hearing loss, maniacal attacks, paranoia, and an intensive thirst for suicide.

This medicine is on the list of medicines that will “treat” Ukrainian children. Probably, the anti-depressant that enhances the thirst for suicide and possesses many side effects is a new word in Ukrainian medicine, when bringing a person to death is considered a successful method of treatment.

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