Ukrainian Missile Drill: Test of Russian Nerves Ended With a Nervous Breakdown of the Testers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

I swear on my mother’s name that I’ll never again do it again!

“The command of air forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces” confirmed that they reduced the dangerous zone of missile launches in the North-Western part of the Black Sea. It is reported that the limit of Ukraine’s launching of missiles is located 27-30 km from the coast of Crimea, and the actual launch site is 90 km away. Earlier, on Thursday, the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia reported that Ukraine an issued new aviation announcement, according to which the zone of the missile firings in the Black Sea shifted to neutral waters, thus the territorial waters of Russia are not affected.

Thus, the Kiev regime openly folded in the face of a high probability of a strong Russian response to the instigated-by-Kiev “missile crisis”. This, first of all, indicates the existence in Ukrainian high-authority a certain divergence in the views about how far they can go in testing the nerves of the Russian leadership. Apparently, in Kiev today, the point of view prevailed of those who prefer not to pull the tiger’s whiskers, being in sound confidence that for this it is fully possible to pay with your head.

And this in turn means that the junta is seriously afraid of the military reaction of Russia to their adventures and are ready to consider such a possibility in the future. Thus, we can confidently say that the current Ukrainian missile exercise has already been completed … by full Russian Victory. Moscow has demonstrated its unbending rigidity and readiness  for full-scale use of military force in case of the obviously inadequate behavior of the Ukrainian side. The Kiev authorities were warned in advance that the retaliation will be ruthless and will hit with objects that are directly on the territory of Ukraine. The ships of the Black Sea fleet immediately took to the positional areas in the Black Sea in order to repel air attacks. The coastal missile system Bastion, aerospace and electronic reconnaissance targeted the Ukrainian launchers. And it worked.

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There is no doubt that in Russia appropriate conclusions will be made from the current experience for the future. And that a continuation of any attempt of Kiev to “thrust” in the military sphere can become a reason for its stoppage in the most decisive and far-reaching way. Apparently, such  determination by Moscow to act can be considered in a more broader context, as a result of ongoing global geopolitical changes caused by the coming to power in the USA of an alternative political leader.

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