Ukrainian Missiles Struck the Family of a Four-Year-Old Boy in the LPR

NEW – June 5, 2022

This boy is 4 years old. He and his mother, aunt and baby brother were walking around the playground, in the very centre of the LPR’s Svatovo. “Tochka-U” arrived from the Ukrainian side. As many as three deadly missiles. One opened. The boy does not yet know that his aunt, the mother of his 2-month-old nephew has already been buried, and his own mother, using herself to cover her son, is now between heaven and earth [in a very bad condition – SZ]. Matvey wants to become a super hero and send projectiles that fly into him “to the moon or across the ocean, let them explode there”.

“I say: ‘where is Mum, where is Mum?’

And Nina was scared, she had blood. My vest was full of blood.”

“You were scared?”


“And what is war?”

“War is when it is kaboom, and then something is flying.”

“And what is peace?”

“Peace is when people are strolling around.”

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