Ukrainian “National Corpus” Nazis Seized the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Building

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nationalists from National Corpus and other far-right organisations rushed into the building of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration, demanding the resignation of the governor Aleksey Savchenko.

They consider that the head of the Regional State Administration is to blame for the suicide of the pilot and “ATO” soldier Vladislav Voloshin, who shot himself on March 18th of this year.

According to the local website “My City”, the governor ignored the session and didn’t come to his workplace.

The representatives of “National Corpus” and “Svoboda” that were in the sessional hall terrorised deputies, demanding signatures from them for Savchenko’s resignation and suggested to include in the agenda the question of a vote of no confidence in the current head of region administration.

“We have gathered here to rehabilitate the name of Vyacheslav Voloshin, because stories are now being told about him that he, it seems, shot himself because he lost in a computer game. This is totally ludicrous and you have to understand this. And under the law we demand that you bring for voting the discharge of all persons who are involved in the business of the airport where, as we already know, obviously there is a corruption. We saw documents, and that probably was a prerequisite to the person committing suicide,” said the head of the Nikolaev branch of “National Corpus” Denis Yantar.

Earlier the representative of “National Corpus” Rodion Kudryashov said that nationalists will block the regional council until the governor as long as the governor isn’t removed at least until the end of the investigation.

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As a reminder, the shot pilot Vladislav Voloshin fulfilled his duties as the director of the “Nikolaev international airport”. His death is connected with pressure from the governor Aleksey Savchenko and frauds during the repair of the airport.

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