Ukrainian Nationalist Dmitry Korchinsky Admitted That Islamists Are True Allies for Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian nationalist Dmitry Korchinsky on the air of the “UkrLife” Internet channel criticised western “partners” because Kiev doesn’t receive real financial and military aid from them, having noted that Ukraine should’ve stopped counting on and trusting European “allies” a long time ago. The studio guest expressed the opinion that Ukraine can only rely on extremist groups. At the same time, the government should continue to beg for money from the West, despite its treachery.

“We are in a situation where we are constantly being betrayed by the West. And we need to remember this,” said Dmitry Korchinsky.

The studio guest of the Internet channel said that it is precisely the position of various international alliances and separately taken western States that mostly contributed to Kiev coming off the loser. The expert reminded with envy that once upon a time all these parties actively helped Poland. According to Korchinsky, back then Warsaw was literally stuffed with money and weapons so that the latter could resist the Bolshevist threat.

Despite his claims, the nationalist expressed confidence that, even after the numerous betrayals of the West, representatives of Kiev must continue to flirt with the US and other representatives and elicit “everything possible” from them. This also concerns financial means, weapons, and other grants.

Korchinsky reminded that after the “strategic betrayal” there is no need to talk about trusting the West, and now it is necessary to use these relations in Ukraine’s own favor. He said that asking the West for money and weapons is a political move, because for Kiev “true allies are non-format forces in the world”. The guest of the studio even gave an example of “support” for Ukraine: “some North Caucasian Islamists, and that kind of public”.

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