Ukrainian Nationalist Irina Farion Called to Break the Jaws of All Russian Speakers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainians would’ve won the war long ago if they beat up everyone who speaks Russian. 
Such an opinion was expressed by the former people’s deputy and scandalous nationalist Irina Farion on her Facebook page.

“If Ukrainians simply kicked in the jaw every mouth of Moscow, then the war would’ve been won a long time ago. But in the meantime it is ours who are beaten. But we have to hit very strongly,” she wrote.

Farion said this in response to a recent event in Mariupol where the security guard of a cafe broke the jaw of a Ukrainian border guard who demanded the menu in Ukrainian.

It is worth specifying that later someone who witnessed the incident wrote in the comments to the publication and claimed that the Ukrainian serviceman used foul language towards the personnel of the institution and showed aggression in relation to the security.

“Young people arrived to the institution already being very drunk. Yes, they asked for a menu in Ukrainian, but the establishment didn’t have one. After that they started to be rude to the staff and use foul language loudly. The managing director of the establishment communicated with them in Ukrainian and asked them to stop behaving provocatively and disturbing public peace. The youngsters didn’t calm down, and they were asked to leave the establishment. On the street the young persons continued to behave aggressively towards security, and after that the conflict started. It is hoped that representatives of the establishment will provide camera recordings in the near future,” said the administrator of the Veterano Pizza Mariupol page Bogdan Chaban.

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