Ukrainian Nationalist Korchinsky Wants to Herd All Ukrainian Males to the Frontline

Translated by Ollie Richardson

05/06/2017 1/2

Excessive Ukrainian patriotism is a disease of the 21st century, some already compare it to idiocy, and, probably, they do so not in vain.

In Kiev a lot has already been said about the visa regime with Russia, many representatives of Ukrainian propaganda think of it only as a positive, having forgotten to mention the negatives. However there are those who are ready to tell and talk frank nonsense on TV. The leader of the Nazi “Bratstvo” organization Dmitry Korchinsky became the next such flag-waver.

He stated on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that it is Russia’s fault that Ukrainians travel there for a salary, and then come back as “separatists” and Russian “zombies”, who allegedly arrange sabotage. In this regard, in his opinion, it is necessary to urgently introduce a visa regime with Russia, however in parliament there is opposition to this.

“It is very sad, of course. The lack of a visa regime with Russia affects the outflow of Ukrainians and the working population of Ukraine in the Russian Federation, there the Russian special services can choose from 3 million Ukrainians, those people who will be used then in sabotage after returning,” said Korchinsky told.

He also added that all of this is very dangerous, that’s why it is necessary to introduce a visa regime with Russia, noting that allegedly if Moscow wants to move on to large-scale terrorism, then it will occur in only one week.

In addition, Korchinsky said that every Ukrainian man must pass through the frontline to learn how to fight in the event of full-scale fighting with Russia.

“Without a doubt, every man in Ukraine, each citizen must desire to take part in the defence of the Motherland, and in this war. And the fact that most men here haven’t passed through the war yet is bad. All must pass through war. It mobilizes, clears their minds, and gives the necessary skills in the event of a large-scale offensive of the Russian Federation,” stated Korchinsky.

It should be noted that theoretically even if the hysterical predictions of the brainwashed and the Kiev government come true, and Russia nevertheless allegedly will “attack” Ukraine, which is completely unrealistic, then it will happen so quickly that no “patriot” will have the time to throw a new batch of accusations aimed in her direction…

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