Ukrainian Nationalist Oleg Tyagnibok Confirmed That His Nazi “Svoboda” Party Will Participate in the Upcoming Presidential Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian nationalists have planned to nominate a single candidate for the future presidential elections. This was stated on the air of the ZIK TV channel by the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.

According to him, nationalists will be able to strike in a united front if they can agree on a candidate.

“‘Svoboda’ will take part in any elections that will take place in Ukraine. Whether it be local elections, parliamentary elections, presidential ones – ‘Svoboda’ will definitely nominate a candidates and will fight for the opportunity to be represented in the government.

The next elections will be the presidential ones – a decision was made for ‘Svoboda’ to participate in a presidential campaign and the presidential elections. Accordingly, consultations with our partners from the nationalist camp are now being conducted, and I believe that it will be extremely important if Ukrainian nationalists are able to nominate a single candidate from among nationalists who will profess this joint united nationalist ideology,” said Tyagnibok.

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