Ukrainian Nationalists Announced a Mass March to Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Social activists and Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a huge march to Crimea. This was reported on Thursday, October 12th, to the “Obozrevatel” website by the organizer and coordinator of the blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov.

“We have a big plan: to gather together all of Ukraine, all those who consider that Crimea is Ukraine. And to march to Simferopol. They [inhabitants of the peninsula] will never do anything to us,” said Islyamov.

He noted that currently the internal political situation in Ukraine doesn’t promote such an action, because the “civil fabric of society is busy with internal Ukrainian problems”. At the same time Islyamov assured that the procession is in the process of preparation.

The statement of Lenur Islyamov is impracticable, considers the vice-chairman of the expert advisory board of the head of Crimea Aleksandr Formanchuk.

“I want to remind that Mr Lenur Islyamov states such things not for the first time. There was already another one — the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Geletey, who promised that there will be a Ukrainian military parade in Sevastopol. All these statements are pure nationalist populism,” said Formanchuk.

He reminded that Islyamov won’t be able to appear in Russia, where he is accused of sabotage – blowing up the power line pylons in November, 2015. Back then hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the peninsula were left without electricity.

“He has been in the sight of (law enforcement agencies) for a long time, all know him very well, in this regard his appearance here is a bluff. Lenur Islyamov simply flies into a rage because of aggressive powerlessness,” concluded the political scientist.

On September 27th the border management of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea said that on the border between the peninsula and Ukraine a 50 kilometer-long barrier designed to ensure the security of the Russian region will be constructed. “Currently work on engineering the equipment of the Russian-Ukrainian section of the border is being conducted in a planned order, and the construction of a 50-kilometer engineered barrier in the north of Crimea is its next stage,” noted the department.

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