Ukrainian Nationalists Bearing Symbols of Nazi Germany Tried to Demolish the Monument to Vatutin in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

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On October 14th Day of the defender is officially celebrated in Ukraine. Nationalists from OUN already gathered in Mariinsky park, where they hoped to demolish the monument to the Soviet military leader Nikolay Vatutin, which liberated Kiev from fascists in 1943.

Along the route of the OUN march there were clashes with the police at the monument to the January uprising. The police pushed nationalists away from the monument.

One of the participants of the event was wearing a Nazi “Alte Kämpfer” (“old guard”) chevron.

This rank was given to members of NSDAP who entered the party prior to the victory of Nazis in elections to the Reichstag. In the Third Reich it gave a number of privileges in employment.

Today the bearer of the Nazi chevron is one of the functionaries of the Kiev branch of UNA-UNSO.

In Nazi Germany “old guards” were awards such medals.

The nationalists gathered at the Arsenalnaya subway and went to Mariinsky park. In the park there were several police officers near the monument, a bus with security officers inside was positioned a bit further away.

When the nationalists gathered at the monument, the slogan “UPA opened fire, they didn’t vote” was heard. The leader of the “OUN” voluntary movement Nikolay Kokhanovsky came to the place of events and said that their car wasn’t able to pass through, therefore it is necessary to bring a ladder and a sledge hammer.

At the same time, the deputy head of National Police Andrey Krishchenko who was present at the scene said that the monument will not be demolished. He emphasised that there is a mass grave at the place of the monument of Vatutin.

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