Ukrainian Nationalists Captured Rafael Lusvarghi in Kiev, in Violation of the Terms of His Release

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Members of the “C14” and “National Corpus” organisations arrested the Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi, who was sentenced to 13 years of prison for “participating in a terrorist group of the DPR” and who was detained on May 4th in Kiev near the Embassy of Brazil. This was reported by the correspondent of “Vesti” near the building of the SBU in Kiev. SBU employees under the leadership of the chief of counterintelligence of the SBU handcuffed the foreigner.

As “Vesti” found out, Rafael Lusvarghi was noticed on the street of the capital by supporters of the “C14” organisation and they decided to follow him. The radicals learned that Lusvarghi lives in one of the houses in Podol.

As a reminder, on May 4th young people in clothes with symbols of far-right organisations captured the Brazilian near the diplomatic mission building in Podol, forced him to his knees, and forced him to admit that he regrets fighting for the DPR and to apologise to all Ukrainian people.

According to representatives of “C14”, at first they obtained information that Lusvargi is hiding on the territory of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. When the radicals arrived there they learned that the Brazilian goes to the embassy.

Afterwards Lusvarghi was detained near the diplomatic mission building, was taken through Borichev Tok Street and Andreevsky descent to the SBU. Outside the department building the nationalists carried out a public examination of the bag of the detainee and found religious literature and money – which, according to Lusvarghi, he was given at the embassy, and they also found a photo showing Rafael together with the lawyer defending Russian military personnel.

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As a reminder, Lusvarghi was sentenced in January, 2017, to 13 years of prison. But in August, 2017, the sentence handed down to the fighter was cancelled and a new court case was appointed. However, after the sentence of the Brazilian was cancelled he wasn’t released from prison. His measure of restraint was prolonged, and Lusvarghi remained under guard in the Kiev pre-trial detention center.

At the end of last year the fighter was released under a personal obligation, according to which he can’t leave the borders of Kiev, he must report to the court about any change of residence, and he also must appear in court at the first demand. Lusvarghi was released from the pre-trial detention center in connection with an exchange. However, the exchange didn’t take place, but after that the fighter wasn’t returned to jail. “Moreover, when in the middle of February the period of validity of his detention ended, a new measure of restraint wasn’t elected. Thus, the Brazilian – a year after being given a sentence of 13 years of imprisonment for the creation of a terrorist organisation – received full freedom of movement across Ukraine,” said the lawyer of the accused Valentin Rybin.

Lusvarghi is not against returning to the territory under the control of the militia, but admits that he most of all would like to be back in Brazil. However, the Brazilian can’t go abroad because his passport was returned after his measure of restraint ended.

The freedom of the Brazilian in Ukraine will last at least until the next court session, which is scheduled for June 6th.

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