Ukrainian Nationalists in Cherkassy Stormed the City Council and Demanded Its Dissolution

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Cherkassy City Council at a plenary session that took place on January 29th voted for its self-dissolution. 
This was reported by the deputy head of the press service of the Cherkassy City Council Yulia Krapiva. The full text of the decision of deputies of the City Council wasn’t published since the relevant proposal was made “by ear”.

It is reported that deputies were unable at two attempts to vote for the new structure of the executive committee that was proposed by the mayor of Cherkassy Anatoly Bondarenko. This caused an outburst of indignation from the activists who were present in the hall, after which the deputy of the City Council Pavel Karas introduced in the agenda an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada on the self-dissolution of the City Council. His proposal during the vote was supported by 22 deputies (the necessary minimum).

The website “INFOMIST” specifies that voting took place under the pressure of activists [militants from the ATO and Azov’s “National Druzhina” – ed] who demanded the self-dissolution of the City Council, showering deputies with verbal abuse and threats. In particular, they lashed out at the deputies Aleksandr Zgiblov and Artur Akopyan with their fists.

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