Ukrainian Nationalists Clashed with the Participants of the “Immortal Regiment” in Lisbon

In Portugal a conflict between Ukrainian nationalists and participants of an Immortal Regiment rally devoted to Victory Day erupted.

On Sunday, May 5th, in the center of Lisbon several tens of Ukrainian gastarbeiters picketed a procession with their own alternative gathering with red-black flags (flags of OUN-UPA and Right Sector), wearing anti-Putin t-shirts and shouting “shame!”, and then accused the participants of the “Immortal Regiment” of “attacking with baseball bats”.

However, no baseball bats are visible in the video uploaded to a social network. The participants of the procession in turn say that it was a provocation.

The fight was stopped by the Portuguese police, which pushed aside the Ukrainians, and the procession continued.

The “Immortal Regiment” rally, which local activists from the Russian community have been holding over the last five years, brought together about 1,000 participants among whom there are inhabitants of other former Soviet republics, including Ukrainians who adhere to a different point of view than that of those who attacked the procession.

By the way, the Portuguese actively repost information on their social network pages about the “Immortal Regiment” rally with words of gratitude for liberating Europe from fascists.

In honour of Victory Day, the participants of the procession exhibited photos of their relatives/veterans and symbols of the victorious country, which did not please Ukrainian nationalists, who demanded to cancel the procession and even the day before threatened to disrupt the rally, urging their fellow countrymen to join the“anti-action”.

“Dear and glorious Ukrainians! We remind you that on May 5th at 11:00 o’clock at Alameda Square in Lisbon, the Moscow embassy with its left-wing collaborators will organise a rally that promotes violence and aggression “Immortal Regiment”. Friends, we use this opportunity to inform Portuguese society about the crimes of Stalinism. Print photos of the victims of Stalin’s repression, in particular of Holodomor, and come to show your position on Alameda Square on Sunday,” wrote the activist of a local Ukrainian group Vasyl Zhuyboroda on Facebook.

The organizer of the procession in Lisbon Zhanna Kuncheva said that “Immortal Regiment” is not a political initiative, but a citizens’ one, therefore only symbols that related to it were allowed.

We asked to refrain from provocations and also not to bring symbols to the procession that do not have anything in common with Victory Day, the flags of unrecognised states

Flags of the DPR were not allowed at the procession, but among the participants there was a representative of the unrecognised republic in a t-shirt with their symbols, which caught the eye of the Ukrainians who came to disrupt the rally.

The opponents of the “Immortal Regiment” procession before this were blessed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, who suggested to carry out an alternative rally in Ukraine for May 9th and to come “with portraits of the victims of Stalin’s repression”. Thereby actually provoking a conflict, so that the Portuguese skirmish can become only a rehearsal of clashes with nationalists in Kiev.

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Aleksandra Kharchenko

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