Ukrainian Nationalists Continue to Persecute a Mother Who Refused to Hand Over Contributions to the ATO

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Do you remember how the mother of Kiev’s Slavyansk gymnasium Tatyana Popova wrote a denunciation to the SBU of other parents for refusing to hand over a contribution to the ATO?

Since then the brainwashed, and, in particular, this same Tatyana Popova haven’t calmed down and continue their persecution of the courageous mother.

Today the persecuted victim of the brainwashed professional patriots and fighters against the “Russian world” in Ukraine wrote on her Facebook page:

“Today near my door the ‘police’ were on duty. They kept ringing my husband so that I opened the door to communicate with them. What topic they were interested in – they didn’t intelligibly answer, they just said some nonsense that apparently I communicated in Russia with someone I shouldn’t have (I was simply visiting my relatives there!) and with Ruslan Kotsaba. I simply didn’t agree to meet them. They said that they will come back at 3pm tomorrow. What do you think about this?”

“After this the so-called ‘police’ pasted over the entrance and the house (maybe not only there) such leaflets. My passport data and address are specified. These leaflets are on sticky paper, which can only be made in a printing house”

“Attention! Here lives a Russian propagandist”

I want to note that the next stage of persecution has begun after this mother took an active part in the fight against renaming Zhukov Street into Kubanskaya Ukraina and for preserving Vatutin Avenue.

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