Ukrainian Nationalists Disrupted a May Day March in Odessa Organised by Pensioners

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Odessa a May Day demonstration organised by the Anti-Maidan activist Moris Ibragim was disrupted. People of mainly retirement age attended the protest. They held up posters demanding decent pensions and salaries.

The meeting took place near the Opera theater. Its participants demanded to return the eight-hour working day, free medicine, and high pensions. During the gathering the invited orchestra played Odessa motifs. There weren’t any symbols forbidden in Ukraine present at the meeting.

After the meeting its participants decided to walk to Kulikovo Field. Their path was blocked by activists of Maidan organisations.

After verbally sparring with them the protesters changed their mind. One of the women could not restrain her emotions and attacked one of the nationalists, hitting him with a flag pole. The woman was detained by policemen. Moris urged all to come to the square tomorrow to honor the memory of those who died in the House of Trade Unions.

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