Ukrainian Nationalists Disrupted a “Hungarians of Transcarpathia” Conference

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The conference of Hungarians of Transcarpathia opposing the violent Ukrainisation of the education system organised on February 15th in Uzhgorod was disrupted by representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist group “Carpathian Sich” [a part of “C14” – ed]
This was reported by the representative of the organisation Taras Deyak on his page on the “Facebook” social network.

According to “sich” members, the “United Peace Ukraine” charity foundation, which is headed by Vorobev Vitaly Ivanovich acted as the organisers of the event, “the traces of which lead to the Russian special services”.

It should be noted that Ukrainian media described the event as “pro-Russian activists staging a provocation”

The nationalist assures that his “brothers-in-arms” will also stop any further attempts to hold such conferences.

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