Ukrainian Nationalists Financed by Oligarchs Staged an “Anti-Oligarch” March in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On April 3rd several thousands of representatives of far-right Ukrainian organisations and parties came to a procession in the center of Kiev. The rally was called “anti-oligarch march”, and one of the main slogans at the head of columns is addressed to the president Petro Poroshenko – “Suitcase -> train station -> Maldives!”, hinting at his fabulous expenditure on a New Year’s holiday abroad during the continuation of war in Donbass.

The irony is that most Ukrainian nationalist parties are suspected of having ties with this or that oligarch. Members of the “Party of Regions” recognised earlier that they helped the approval rating of “Svoboda” grow at the time. “Azov” militants are guided by the Interior Minister and Kharkov oligarch Arsen Avakov. The C14 group is “protected” by the SBU, which in turn is subordinated to the President and oligarch Poroshenko, etc.

It should be noted that nationalists held a similar procession last year. Back then it came to an end with the reading out of a loud “ultimatum” from the tribune of parliament, which, as the months that followed showed, didn’t frighten oligarchs and “traitors of Maidan” at all.

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