Ukrainian Nationalists From “C14” Refused to Abandon Their Nazi Symbols

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian nationalists don’t intend to abandon Nazi symbols, since they view the symbols as signs of “greatness and force”This was reported on the blog of the leader of the radical organisation “Carpathian Sich” Taras Deyak.

“We carry on the ancient tradition of the fight of the European people for their identity and dignity. Our symbols are symbols of greatness and force, and not unjustified cruelty, which the Ukraine-hating media tries to propagandise,” said the leader of the nationalist group.

According to him, Ukrainian radicals are fighting on “the side of the world that resists the darkness that destroys the world”, and don’t intend to abandon the Wolfsangel.

“Our activity, our traditions, and our actions are a direct demonstration of our ideals. We won’t hide or be ashamed of our native land, we are fighting on the side of the world against the darkness that gradually destroys all civilisations of the world,” summed up Deyak.

It should be noted Ukraine was considerably radicalised over the last four years. Not a day goes by in the country without new actions being committed by nationalists, who destroy monuments, ruin cemeteries, interfere with the work of banks, shoot movies, and celebrate “holidays”The UN recently said that the activity of radicals seriously threatens freedom of speech in Ukraine.

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