Ukrainian Nationalists From “Svoboda” and “Right Sector” Bickered Over Who Is More Nazi

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The youth wing of the Ukrainian Nationalist “Svoboda” Party of Oleg TyagnybokSokol – adopted the slogan of Nazi criminals from the Schutzstaffel “My honour is called loyalty!”The corresponding leaflets appeared in Kherson, reported the head of a competing structure – the local branch of Right Sector Dmitry Semen.

It is interesting that Semen considers that “Svoboda” inappropriately used the “elite” and “aristocratic” slogan of Hitler’s Germany, since Tyagnybok’s adherents, allegedly, have repeatedly been seen colluding with ideological enemies – former “regionals” [“Party of Regions” members – ed].

“Svoboda members, definitively sullied themselves in the City Council of Kherson, they sold themselves to regionals, separatists…! Meine Ehre heißt Treue! My honour is called loyalty! The slogan of SS troops, the elite of the German troops, the aristocracy of Europe in the 1930’s-40’s… Despite the fact that war since 1944 was lost for them, they fanatically went into battle, they stood tall and went on tanks with bayonets…

Yes, they are a criminal organisation and committed war crimes, but they were responsible for their words and put the necks on the line for the idea in the name of the Reich. Svoboda sullying themselves shows that these people have no convictions, using the rhetoric and symbols of Nazis. They don’t correspond to their words… But people trusted you, and you deceived them. You betrayed the national idea, for job titles and 30 silver coins. Guys, you are not adequate enough to be SS members, the exact German word ‘Der Untermensch’ would suit you much more,” said Semen.

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