Ukrainian Nationalists Have Always Been Separatists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nationalists were always separatists, because separatism, in fact, means separation from common heritage. They for a long time sought to separate Malorossiya from Russia, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from the Soviet Union, and at first they planned to separate Galicia from Ukraine in the form of a federal republic, since nobody thought that it will be succeeded to dismantle the Soviet Union and that Ukraine will suddenly gain independence. And instead of claiming a part of Ukraine, nationalists want to obtain it in its entirety, but they aren’t able to do so. In 2014 Crimea left, Kiev unleashed a bloody massacre in Donbass. May’s referenda in the LPR and DPR showed that the inhabitants of Donbass went along a different path than the nationalists of Ukraine. The Ukrainian nationalists declared the people who didn’t accept the bloody coup as separatists, and the word “separ” became in their mouths the equivalent of the word “enemy”.

The separatism of Ukrainian nationalists

History testifies that it is precisely Ukrainian nationalists who were always separatists, even in independent Ukraine (after 1991). Especially when people came to power in Kiev who they consider to be objectionable. For example, when Yanukovych was recognised even by Western countries as the legitimate president, some regions in the west of Ukraine decided in their regional councils that these or those decrees of the president don’t act on their territory. The activity of objectionable to them All-Ukrainian parties was also forbidden. And also long before Euromaidan it was stated that the laws of Ukraine objectionable to them don’t act on their territory. For example, the law “On the Fundamentals of the State Language Policy” adopted in 2012, the law on placing the Red banner of Victory on state institutions on May 9th adopted in 2011.

At the same time, the figures of nationalists didn’t hesitate to declare the need to force away these or those territories. So one of the most popular Ukrainian nationalist writers Vasily Shklyar long before Euromaidan suggested to force Donbass and Crimea out of Ukraine as territories that are not Ukrainian in spirit. And another writer – Yury Andrukhovich, who at Yanukovych’s time said that if “orange” revolution adherents in Ukraine will again win, then it will be necessary to give Crimea and Donbass the chance to separate. And Yulia Tymoshenko during the “orange” Maidan urged to fence Donbass off from the rest of Ukraine with barbed wire.

An especially distinct separatist tendency was shown by Ukrainian nationalists during Euromaidan, when they through the decisions of local governments in Western Ukraine declared their territories free from the laws and decrees of the central authorities.

From left to right: Uzhgorod (under siege); Ivano Frankovsk (captured); Lvov (captured); Lutsk (under siege); Ternopol (captured); Chernigov (captured); Rovno (captured); Khmelnitsky (captured); Zhytomyr (captured); Kiev (captured); Cherkassy (cleansed).

Above is the map showing the regional state administrations captured by nationalists as of January 24th, 2014.

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On January 25th captures began in Vinnytsia, Cherkassy, Poltava, Kherson, Chernigov…

And this is the map as of January 27th, 2014.

Key from top to bottom: National Guard with legal owners of weapons was created; under the control of bandit formations and law enforcement; captured; stormed or blocked; mass protests; ultras on the side of the people; a people’s rada is proclaimed; the Communist Party and the Party of Regions and their symbols are forbidden.

Then it was clear to all right-minded people that Ukrainian nationalists, in the event that Yanukovych disperses Maidan, would no longer be controlled by the central power on those territories where their parties have the majority in local authorities, i.e., in Western Ukraine, at least in Galicia.

And now let’s forecast the situation if the legitimate authorities remained in place in Kiev. It is clear that Galicia would no longer obey the president, the government, or the parliament of Ukraine.

What is the difference between what would’ve inevitably happened in the West of Ukraine if Yanukovych fulfilled his duty as the president and what actually happened in the East of Ukraine and in Crimea?

Only that the East of Ukraine and Crimea didn’t obey the people who came to power as a result of a coup, and Western Ukraine was no longer going to be controlled by the legitimate authority and, in essence, by the end of  Maidan it indeed was no longer controlled.

Treachery is the historical mission of Ukrainian nationalism

Until recently, the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists could state that it is incorrect to judge the past, using a subjunctive mood. But now, when their separatist aspirations were confirmed by the main character of Maidan – its commandant and current speaker of the Rada Andriy Parubiy – in an interview with “Ukrainian Pravda”, everything fell into place. Since Mazepa’s era, the historical role of Ukrainian nationalism always came to the same end – separatist collusion.

“Nobody knows, I say this for the first time,” stated Parubiy, walking along the restored Trade Unions Building where the Euromaidan HQ was based earlier, “but there was a backup plan: move to Western Ukraine if Maidan isn’t able to hold its ground. Since all the councils and administrations of Western Ukraine were under our control, we had to organise resistance there, in Lvov. When I was brought to hospital after being wounded and poisoned by gas on the evening of the 18th, I received a signal: ‘Andrey, don’t come back to Maidan, go immediately to Lvov, organise a HQ there’… The idea about moving to Lvov was in a very narrow circle. And I don’t even know whether I am doing the right thing by speaking about it”.

It is noteworthy that in this same interview Parubiy was excessively frank about how ambassadors of Western countries visited the Maidan HQ. What’s also noteworthy is that he didn’t say who specifically called him to go to Lvov. Could it be someone from the western curators that he mentioned above? At least, Maidan protesters wouldn’t be able to hold their ground in Lvov without the West’s help. And they understood it. It means that they had the “green light” from their transatlantic masters concerning the backup separatist plan that Parubiy let slip. And the fact that during the interview he felt that he blurted out too much is also indicative. After all, the speaker directly stated that Ukrainian nationalists were going to force Western Ukraine away from the central power’s control, in other words, to create a separatist state formation there under the control of western structures.

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And what is very remarkable is that Parubiy revealed that there was a plot in the state authorities of Western Ukraine.

Everyone knows that the local governments of Western Ukraine were under the control of Ukrainian nationalists. Local governments are regional, district, city, settlement, and village councils, and also city, settlement, and rural heads and their apparatus. Concerning regional and regional administrations, which, according to the legislation of Ukraine, are executive authorities and are subordinated to the president and the government of Ukraine. It follows from Parubiy’s words that the officials of Western Ukraine appointed by Yanukovych committed an act of high treason and switched to the side of the Maidan protestors.

Ukrainians don’t want to live in one state with Banderists

Ukrainian nationalists aren’t able to create, they are only able to destroy what was created by others. Ukraine in its 1991 borders was created, as is known, at the time of the Soviet power. And due to the activity of Ukrainian nationalists, Ukraine started to be destroyed and lose territories. Parubiy admitted that there was a plan for the actual separation of Western Ukraine if Yanukovych remained in power. But after all, the East of Ukraine was also actually separated by Ukrainian nationalists thanks to their crazy Maidan. And even now they, saying that they need Donbass and Crimea, in practice recognise that these territories are needed by them actually without people.

The newspaper of Ukrainian nationalists in the US “Svoboda” published a certain Larisa Voloshina’s article, where it is said that “It is extremely necessary for Russia that millions of voters poisoned by the propaganda of hatred return to the electoral field of Ukraine”.

I.e., it’s not Ukraine that wants to return Donbass, but allegedly it is the cunning plan of Russia – to return hundreds of thousands of voters who didn’t accept Maidan to Ukraine. The idea of the article of Voloshina consists, in fact, in disfranchising the inhabitants of Donbass during elections, at least until they pass through a certain “adaptation period and rehabilitation”. She was harmonised by Inna Bogoslovskaya, who is well-known for changing her spots.

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I.e., to disfranchise them until they start thinking like Ukrainian nationalists. I.e., forever. It turns out that they want to simply disfranchise some citizens of Ukraine on the grounds that they won’t vote for Ukrainian nationalists. It is clear that normal people won’t want to come back to Ukraine on such humiliating conditions, without even speaking about everything else. It is clear that the real separatists – i.e., people promoting the forcing out of territories in the West, East, and in the South of Ukraine – are precisely Ukrainian nationalists.

In this regard a noteworthy statement was made by the leader of the “Radical Party” Oleg Lyashko: Ukrainians need to be ready to fight for Donbass and Crimea in the same way that the Japanese fight for the Kuril Islands — dozens of years.

It is clear that in modern conditions when the political situation in the world promptly changes, to say that we will fight for these or those territories for more than 70 years, is, in fact, to covertly renounce them. I.e., on the one hand, to state that you don’t renounce in order to not be accused of separatism, and on the other hand – to shift the burden of solving the issue onto the shoulders of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “It’s not us who collected together these lands, it’s not for us to scatter them,” stated the odious deputy on the air of Mariupol TV.

Meanwhile on October 4th, 2018 the Rada adopted at the first reading the bill that received the name “Law on total Ukrainization” and prolonged the non-functioning since 2014 law “On a Special Order of Local Self-Government in Certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions”

In this regard there is the desire to tell nationalists: you aren’t able to collect together lands, because many normal citizens don’t want to live in one state with people who preach such stone age inhuman ideology. You are only able to scatter what others collected together. And the quicker you leave from power in Ukraine, the more integral it will be.

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