Ukrainian Nationalists Hung “Executioner” Sign on the Monument to Vatutin in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On April 19th in Kiev’s Mariinsky Park members of “National Corpus” hung on the monument to the Soviet military leader Nikolai Vatutin a sign with the inscription “Executioner Eliminated by Ukrainian Nationalists”.

“Despite sorrows that were caused by the Hero of the Soviet Union to the Ukrainian people, his monument is still standing in Kiev. This is inadmissible, especially when there is a war where the aggressor is Russia. ‘National Corpus’ reminds society who this personality is in order to draw the attention of the non-indifferent residents of Kiev to the real problem,” it is said in the message on the page of the organization on Facebook.

“We hung a sign up so that people know who in reality this executioner is. And whatever the police say, now there is an ongoing decommunization process,” noted the speaker of the organization Nazar Kravchenko.

Radicals placed a folding ladder against the pedestal and attached a sign to the monument. At the same time the monument wasn’t damaged.

But nationalists were outraged in Kiev not just by the monument – they were outraged by the grave of General Vatutin. Exactly there – in Mariinsky (former Sovetsky) Park the liberator of Kiev, the Commander of the first Ukrainian front General Vatutin was buried on April 17th, 1944.

In the first photo – near the coffin, near fellow comrades of the talented commander, stands a gray-haired old woman – the mother of Vatutin, Vera Efimovna. This courageous Russian woman in February and March, 1944, received the notice of death of her two sons at the front: Afanasy and Semyon. And now – the third one. To lose three sons in three months – what grief for the mother! Vera Efimovna quietly cried and continually repeated: “You died, my son, for the lives of others. They won’t forget you, Nikolai, my beloved Falcon”.

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