Ukrainian Nationalists Set Fire to the Houses of Romanis in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Several private houses in the Rusanovsky gardens in Kiev belonging to representatives of the Gipsy diaspora were burned down the other day by representatives of the far-right-radical “Nemesis” group.

“To assist in the quickest eviction of Romanis from Rusanovsky Gardens, we set fire to several houses that they made habitable. We were also forced to ‘treat’ one of them with pepper spray,” it is said in the statement on the Telegram channel of the organisation.

A video of one of the arsons was posted on the internet: a group of young people poured a certain combustible substance over the piled rugs and blankets and then set fire to them.

According to the information of the Kiev media, during one of the arsons there were people inside: a woman and her daughter. Fortunately, they managed to escape.

In Kiev Nationalists from “C14” Set Fire to a Romani Camp on Lysaya Gora

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