Ukrainian Nationalists Staged an Anti-Hungarian Rally in Uzhgorod and Threatened Viktor Orbán

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On May 23rd in Uzhgorod (in the Transcarpathia region of Ukraine) near the building of the Consulate General of Hungary a meeting featuring representatives of the so-called “National Assembly of Patriots of Ukraine”, former participants of the “ATO”, and other armed groups took place.

The Ukrainian nationalists protested against theinterference of Hungary in the internal affairs of Ukraine, which, in their opinion, indeed takes place, and also transferred an appeal to the consulate of Hungary with the demand to “immediately hand over the lists” of all citizens of Ukraine who have Hungarian citizenship.

In particular, in the appeal addressed to the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán it is noted: “We demand: to stop the leadership of Hungary’s shameful policy of interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine and inciting ethnic strife; to provide complete lists of Ukrainian citizens who, in violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, obtained Hungarian citizenship and the legal reasons for issuing it; that the Hungarian government stop the the anti-Ukrainian policy organised by the order of Putin. Ukrainian is the nation-wide language of the population of Ukraine”.

During the night before the meeting leaflets of “Right Sector” with calls to all Hungarians “to think about leaving for their historical Motherland” were distributed all around the city, and also calls to conscious citizens of Ukraine and “patriots” to not break the Laws of Ukraine concerning dual citizenship.

In the leaflet it is noted: “In Ukraine there is only one language – Ukrainian, and only Ukrainian nationality. There is sense for those who feel like citizens of Hungary and have the relevant documents to think about resettlement in the historical Motherland”.

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