Ukrainian Nationalists from “Svoboda” Want to Equalise the Banderist and State Flags

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Representatives of the Nationalist Svoboda party  registered at the Kiev City Council and other municipal authorities a draft bill on the use of the red-black flag of the “Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army” along with the State flag, stated the deputy of the Kiev Council Igor Miroshnichenko on Monday.

On February 5th, Ukrainian radicals, including representatives of the extremist “Right Sector” movement, picketed the Embassy of Poland in Kiev. They demand from the President of Poland to not sign the law on criminal liability for propaganda of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists, denial of the Volyn massacre, and for statements about the collaboration of Poles with Nazis during World War II.

“Representatives of ‘Svoboda’ in all municipal authorities and in the Kiev City Council registered a draft bill according to which a red-black banner must be near a blue-yellow flag,” said Miroshnichenko during a meeting at the Embassy of Poland in Kiev.

At the same time he said that “the Ukrainian and the Banderist are similar concepts”.

In addition, during the meeting radicals read an address to the ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Peklo about the “inadmissibility” of the entry into force of the Polish law forbidding propaganda of the Banderist ideology.

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