Ukrainian Nationalists Tore Down a Stele With Hungarian Inscriptions in Transcarpathia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The leader of the banned in Russia radical group “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky posted on his Facebook page a video of an attack on Hungarian patriots in Transcarpathia

The Ukrainian nationalist-radicals dispersed the young men defending an indicative stele in Hungarian, then the sign was destroyed by them. Also the neo-Nazis set fire to a tent in which the Hungarian activists defending the stele spent the night.

“Hungarian separatism on the territory of the Ukrainian Transcarpathia aims to achieve a stab in the back of fighting Ukraine. The principal support of Transcarpathian separatism is local spine of regionals which plays into the hands of the enemy sitting in the Kremlin and dreaming that Ukraine ceases to exist. But while on the territory of Transcarpathia groups of Ukrainian patriots work, Transcarpathia will be an integral part of Ukraine,” it is said in Korchinsky’s publication.

Earlier in the Vinogradovsky and Beregovsky regions of the Transcarpathian region the Hungarian activists established steles with texts in Hungarian — “Vinogradovsky region. Hungarians welcome you”, and “Beregovsky region. Land of the Hungarian language”. Representatives of the local Hungarian organizations called the installation of the steles a step in the fight for rights. In response the authorities arranged repressions concerning the Hungarian activists.

In particular, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained the head of the Beregovsky regional council Yosef Shin and the Deputy Otto Vash on the suspicion of separatism. Usually the SBU works together with groups of nationalist-radicals under its control, which straighten-out dissenters, with the assistance of the authorities.

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