Ukrainian Nazi Andrey Biletsky Put His Name Forward as the Sole Nationalist Candidate in the 2019 Presidential Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Biletsky proposed himself as the sole presidential candidate from the nationalists…

The leader of the Ukrainian nationalists and the commander of the punitive “Azov” regiment  Andrey Biletsky is ready to become the sole presidential candidate  from the nationalist forces of Ukraine. He stated this on the “National Corpus” YouTube channel.

“I am absolutely convinced that we need to propose a single nationalist candidate for president. If I am this candidate, I will work 1000%. If the nationalist front decides on a different candidate, I will work 1000% for the common nationalist front,” he stressed.

He also believes that nationalists must form a united bloc for elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

“We are not represented in the government. This means that our idea and our case isn’t represented. 2019 is a critical year for Ukraine. We don’t want to give power to those who led the country to a catastrophe. We won’t surrender in 2019,” said Biletsky.

Biletsky spoke about the awful organisation of the Ukrainian army…

He said that the Ukrainian army is being built on the principles of a facade.

“It is hugely regrettable that the Ukrainian army is built only on the principle of a facade. Poroshenko wants to have a 1000% controlled army, not in sense of discipline, but politically. That’s why those post-Soviet Generals who say ‘there is such profession in the Motherland as plundering’ completely remained in key positions. They have been involved in collapsing the army and a cheap facade for decades, but not combat training and moving to a new level of development,” said the nationalist.

Biletsky noted that in such an army combat readiness comes in last place.

“On their list of values fighting capacity is, most likely, assigned last place,” he noted.

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