Ukrainian Nazi Dmitry Korchinsky: We Will Introduce the “Immortal SS Galicia Division” to Counter the “Immortal Regiment”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In response to the holding on May 9th of a “Immortal Regiment” procession in honor of heroes of the Great Patriotic War, Ukrainian patriots should organise an alternative march in honor of Hitler’s collaborators – the SS “Galicia” division.

This was stated on the air of the “UkrLife” channel by the former head of UNA-UNSO and the current leader of the far-right “Bratstvo” group Dmitry Korchinsky.

According to Korchinsky, the balance will be kept because “Ukrainians fought on both sides of the frontline”.

“We have to oppose this with something – both as Christians and as Ukrainians. I don’t know, they have the ‘Immortal Regiment’, I think that we will introduce the “Immortal SS Galicia division’. We had some heroes too.

It is clear that Hitler is an unpleasant character in world history and we had many troubles with the Nazis [a lie, UPA never fought against Nazi Germany – ed], but, nevertheless, Ukrainians fought on both sides,” said Korchinsky.

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