Ukrainian Nazi Newspaper About Russian Revolution 75 Years Ago

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

75 years ago, about the anniversary of the October revolution, the Nazi press in Ukraine also wrote about it. An editorial of the newspaper “Lvivski Visti” of November 7th, 1941, was called “The crashed revolution”.

Having written the same thing that today the Russian liberal press writes about the October 1917 revolution, the Nazi newspaper joyfully stated that now there will be for sure no parade in Moscow: “there will not be all these external decorations this year, on the 24th anniversary of the October revolution. In Moscow there is a front, in Leningrad there is a front. Stalin will celebrate the 24th anniversary of the October revolution, not as the ruler of the Moscow Kremlin, but already as an emigrant”.


Nazi propaganda was trumpeting all these days that Stalin and the Soviet government already long ago cleared out from Moscow to somewhere in the Ural. So you can imagine the importance for raising the morale and spirit of our people had this famous parade of November 7th taken place outside the walls of the Kremlin!


In the same newspaper, incidentally, there is a curious mention of the heartwarming meeting between the chief of the local department of Goebbels’ propaganda, of the Reich, with Galician culture and art activists in Lvov. Nazi propagandist instructed “artists”, and they prepared for “a worthy guest a sincere and heartfelt greeting.” Everything in the spirit of the Galician “artists”.

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