Ukrainian Nazi Organisation “C14” Posted a Public Threat against a Pregnant Woman for Her Anti-War Views

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Radicals from the youth nationalist group C14 came to the home of the pregnant Kiev resident Svetlana Pikte, who opposed the collecting of financial help for fighters of the ATO at school.

As Pikta reported on Facebook, three persons came to the door of her apartment and knocked, having called themselves “the police”. At this moment she was alone at home, the didn’t open the door, they threatened to come back the next day.

Later it become known that it was representatives of the radical organization C14 that came to her place. They explained the purpose of their visit – she maintains communication with Russians, and they accused her of separatism. On their Facebook page the organization posted the home address of Svetlana with the note: “C14 proposes to non-indifferent patriots to walk in the evening to this address in order to make a separatist provocations impossible”.

“This is Svetlana Pikta.

A separatist. Regularly travels to Russia. Collects humanitarian aid for fighters of the DPR-LPR and anti-Ukrainian ‘political prisoners’. Friends with Kotsaba, Berezhnaya, Ribin, Zharkikh, NewsFront journalists, and other vermin.

Everything is clear about her views and stories – ‘maidowns’, ‘junta’, and, ‘stop bombing Donbass’.

Despite this, it lives quietly in Kiev at this address…

Yesterday activists of the C14 came to learn from Svetlana and her husband about their views. But nobody opened the door. And it is unlikely that they will ever open it. It’s not the same as writing nasty things on the Internet.

Conditionally agreed to speak again tomorrow at 15:00 🙂

Vata [Vatnik; pejorative for Russian – ed] was scared.

In the last screenshot Svetlana asks all the supporters of the enemy to mobilize and protect her.

Well. In that case C14 proposes to concerned patriots that have the time and inspiration to walk in the evening to this address to make separatist provocations impossible.


Upon leaving the entrance they pasted over the entrance with leaflets of Svetlana’s photos and her passport data. The fact that it was done by visitors of C14 was recorded by video cameras at the entrance.

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“These three personalities who came to my place yesterday, after waiting until my husband had left. Here everything is visible: profile, face, and how they glue leaflets. I sent a report about a criminal offense to the Prosecutor’s Office in Kiev, because these persons are staff of the National Police (at least they presented themselves as such) and also to inform the SBU and National Police.

I ask all who recognize them to report about it in any convenient way and using any convenient communication channel.”

One of criticisms that radicals from the C-14 organization put forward about Svetlana is her friendship with the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba. According to Kotsaba himself, the attention of radicals in relation to her arose not by accident.

“Svetlana isn’t afraid to criticize the authorities,” he said in comment to “Vesti”. “While C14 considers that the problems in Ukraine stemmed not from corruption, but because of critical publications. The authorities use them as a fighting group for work that they can’t fulfilled themselves. Svetlana can’t be accused of anything – she didn’t break the law. But they try to intimidate her”.

According to him, the radical organization became a unit for the implementation of political repression and feel above the law: “The danger is that they took upon themselves the functions of law enforcement bodies and decide for themselves who to punish, and what for”.

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