Ukrainian Nazi: Russians in Donetsk and Lugansk Should’ve Burned like They Did in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The burning of opponents of Maidan alive in the Odessa House of Trade Unions should’ve been carried out during the Russian spring in Donetsk and Lugansk too.

This was stated during the festival of bloggers in Truskavets by the former deputy governor of the Odessa region Zoya Kazanzhi.

“I think that Odessa and Crimea were strategic points where the FSB’s interests were very actively embodied, because festivals of Russian-language press were held in Crimea and Odessa and beautifully published books were brought there from Russia,” she said.

According to her, in 2014 the inhabitants of Odessa were so opposed to the coup that took place in Kiev that the windows of cars bearing Ukrainian flags were smashed.

“One my acquaintances said that she had a ‘Lexus’, and before May 2nd, 2014 it was dangerous to drive through the city because windows were smashed and so on. As a rule, a Ukrainian flag was placed on the dashboard and removed when people left their car, because otherwise when you come back your window will be smashed,” said Kazanzhi.

At the same time, according to the Maidan supporter, burning people alive in the Odessa House of Trade Unions was entirely justified since it helped the Kiev regime keep control of Odessa, and a similar thing should’ve been done in Donbass.

“For a year I didn’t dare to speak about it, but on May 2, 2014 the city was saved by especially this (the burning of the House of Trade Unions), because when it is said that innocent people were killed … nobody died here accidentally, these people weren’t here by accident, and if they had won, then we simply wouldn’t be here, maybe even physically.

I said very often that if similar things would’ve happened in Donetsk or Lugansk, when 100 lives saved 1 million ones, then there wouldn’t be this [resistance to the coup – ed] on these territories either,” said Zoya Kazanzhi.

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