Ukrainian Nazi Turchynov Demanded That Russia Be Held Accountable for the Ukrainian Boeing Downed in Iran

Former Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Aleksandr Turchynov said that Moscow should be held responsible on an equal basis with Tehran for the shooting down of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 near the Iranian capital. He wrote about this on Facebook.

Turchynov believes that Kiev should immediately demand an extraordinary convocation of the UN Security Council and demand that not only the leadership of Iran, but also Russia be held accountable. This is how he commented on the recognition by the Iranian authorities of its mistake of firing their missile at the aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines.

“This is the second passenger Boeing that has recently been destroyed by a Russian missile. And like in the case of the Malaysian aircraft, the leadership of the Russian Federation in its official statements tried not only to support Iran as its strategic partner, but also to misinform the international community by inventing false versions of this terrible tragedy,” said the former secretary of the NSDC.

He also accused Moscow of supporting terrorism, training the Iranian military, and did not rule out “direct assistance in preparing a missile attack”.

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