Ukrainian Nazis at an Anti-Orthodox Rally in Kiev Called to Hang “Moskals”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


At a demonstration against the Orthodox church of the Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian nazis shouted out offensive slogans and called to hang “Moskals”. The details of the event were described by “Strana”
It is noted that the event of nazis on February 3rd aimed to release two persons who burned the Tithe monastery and were arrested after the incident.

Radicals hold posters that say “Free Architects”.

“Their supporters gave such an unexpected nickname to the arsonists. Most likely, actions aimed at dismantling the building of the church stretch to the domain of architecture,” notes the publication.

According to eyewitnesses, radicals constantly entered into verbal exchanges with the believers who were lined up around the temple like a human wall.

In parallel an orthodox prayer service took place, which the nationalists tried (but failed) to drown out by chanting “Russia is the death of Ukraine” and “Moscow priest, get out”

On a hill near the church extremists from C14 unraveled a banner with a photo of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Activists from “Right Sector” held up posters with calls to murder: “Free the guys, and [hang] Moskals from the cottonwood”.

“Police squads and some buses of National Guard are on duty at the place of events. They didn’t intervene in the events — and, actually, so far there aren’t any clashes. There are only calls kindling national and interfaith discord, which is directly forbidden by the law, however law enforcement bodies don’t react to such trifles,” sarcastically noted the publication.

The Nazis insulted believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate by saying: “Your church is a kike one”, “Hang Moskals on tree branches”, and “Moskal pests”.

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