Ukrainian Nazis Are Furious About a Poll in Kiev About Russia

Ukrainian nationalist blogger Mariya Madzigon conducted a poll on Maidan concerning the attitude of young people towards the war in Donbass, Russia, and Crimea, but the answers disappointed her.

She posted the corresponding videos on her Facebook page.

“We have military actions in the East, how do you feel about it?.. And who is Russia for you?” asked the nationalist.

“Negative, of course… Russia is, in general, our brother. I believe that our countries should be friends. There’s no such thing as a war between us. I am against it,” answered a girl from Kovel, adding that she is tired of war.

“Whose is Crimea in general?,” Madzigon asked provocatively.

However, with her answer, the respondent finally put the interviewer in a dead end.

“I won’t even say. It has to be decided by those who live there, as close to them as possible,” she said, causing Madzigon to be outraged.

“I talked to relatives and close people of the Heavenly Hundred. I wonder how they would react if they heard that Crimea is Russian, and in general ‘we are tired of war in Kovel’. I’m rather surprised, I didn’t think that Kovel is tired of war,” declared the disappointed provocateur on camera.

Another interviewee also fell short of Madzigon’s expectations, simply refusing to answer the question about Crimea’s ownership.

In response, the irritated blogger took out a smartphone and showed a photo of someone in camouflage with a Russian chevron holding a gun to the head of another man covered with a Ukrainian flag.

“When I am told that Russians are our friends, I say that there are such photos. How do you feel about it?,” said Madzigon.

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“I perceive it negatively, in fact, because not everyone treats Ukraine that way,” answered the girl.

Saying goodbye to the interviewer, the nationalist did not show originality and repeated her previous conclusion.

“I wonder how the guys in uniform would react to such a photo,” she caustically noted, pointing to a passing young man in camouflage.

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