Ukrainian Nazis from “C14” Demanded to Acquit Their “Comrade” Who Stabbed a Police Officer

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

30/08/2018 1/2

On August 30th in Lvov the court was supposed to choose a measure of restraint for the person suspected of attacking a police officer, but it was postponed because of the “absence” of the suspect.

Radical people demanding the release of the suspect gathered outside the courthouse. This was reported by nationalists from “C14” on their Facebook page.

“The court session for Mark ‘Major’ still hasn’t started, but it is already hot here. Come on down. Today there is a need to pull ‘Major’ out to freedom. 7 Sobornaya Square,” it is said in the first statement.

“The court session for Major was postponed because of his non-delivery. What an annoying incident! People refuse to leave the hall. Come on down to 7 Sobornaya Square (Lvov),” it is said in the second statement.

In the photo it is visible how about ten athletic guys in white t-shirts with the inscription “Sich” storm the courthouse.

As a reminder, on the night of August 17th in the center of Lvov police officers noticed two young men using a stencil to paint the inscription “Who Ordered Katya Gandzyuk?” on a house wall. When the police officers tried to detain the young men, one of them stabbed a police officer in the chest. After that they were detained.

It turned out later that the one who attacked a police officer is a member of the far-right C14 group.

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