Ukrainian Nazis from “C14” Harassed Kiev Bus Drivers Who Refuse to Transport UAF War Criminals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On November 10th, activists from the C14 organisation organised a rally at the capital’s Demeevka bus station for the purpose of explaining to the drivers of minibuses the features of legislation. The radicals accused the minibus taxi drivers of regularly refusing to transport ATO soldiers.

The rally came to an end at around 13:20. In general the rally took place quietly. There were no victims or incidents.

During the rally of “C14” radicals, a “Kiev-Moscow” bus was stopped at the station. As the correspondent of “Vesti” reports, the driver, having seen a large number of radicals and journalists, removed the plate and closed the cabin.

Radicals surrounded the bus. In total near the bus there were about 30 people, some of who were journalists. After that the driver tried to leave the territory of the bus station.

“The driver practically ran over several people. If people hadn’t hit the bus with their fists and shouted, then it is possible that the bus would’ve ran over some of them. At the moment the driver continues to sit in the cabin, the bus remains on the territory of bus station,” noted the correspondent.

Activists pasted leaflets on the bus, and others surrounded the cashier of the bus station at this time.

“Near to here there is a factory [Roshen – ed] that makes candies, belonging to our commander-in-chief. There he has order, but there is no order here. There is a law on the social protection of ATO participants [they are entitled to free public transport travel – ed], but it is not implemented,” say activists.

[Yes, that is indeed the eagle used by the Wehrmacht on his shirt…]

Also, the organisation focused attention on the advertising offering bus trips to the territory of Donbass not controlled by Ukraine and to Crimea, and the claims concern not only trips from this bus station.

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The correspondent of “Vesti” reported from the place of events that the rally took place without incidents. Participants made inscriptions on walls using paint, spoke through a loudspeaker, and flipped over one gaming machine.

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