Ukrainian Nazis From “C14” Started Fighting Against Literary Heroes

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian Nazis reported about their latest act of vandalism against monuments of the Soviet era that remained in Ukraine in the Boyarka of Kiev region.

This was stated on the Telegram channel of the radical C14 group, which, according to its leader [Evgeny Karas – ed], coordinates its activity with with SBU.

“Sovok [pejorative term for the USSR – ed] garbage in Boyarka.

1) A monument to Korchagin – the literary Russian hero who fought against the UPR.

2) A 50th anniversary of the USSR plaque to Komsomol members of the 1920’s.

Why are there still monuments to persons who destroyed our independence? The law on decommunisation isn’t being implemented. The bureaucratic circus of delays has continued for more than a year. Nobody wants to take responsibility,” said the outraged radicals.

“The compelling presence of C14 and National Corpus helped officials to decide. They promised to remove it within a week. Should this not be fulfilled, the night patriots will work. Korchagin will stay for a bit in a black sack away from people’s eyes. And the plaque will remain a little ornamented,” specified the Nazi.

The radicals hope that the local government will keep its promise and will dismantle the monument to Pavel Korchagin, who is a literary hero of the autobiographical story of Nikolay Ostrovsky How the Steel Was Tempered.

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