Ukrainian Nazis from “C14” Terrorised a Teenager for “Profaning” the “Heavenly Hundred” Memorial in Sumy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Neo-Nazis from the right-wing radical organisation C14 found the teenagers who urinated on the Heavenly Hundred” memorial in Sumy and forced them to publicly apologise. 
This was reported in the statement published on the group’s blog.

The right-wing radicals also had an “explanatory discussion” with the parents of the teenagers.

“After C14 visited the cowards that profaned the memorial of the Heavenly Hundred in Sumy, they publicly apologised. I think that this story is finished. Although they are still waiting for a court hearing concerning this act and lawful punishment. There will be a lesson for these b*stards and all others,” it is said in the statement.

Also, C14 attached a video where the frightened teenager asks to excuse him “as a beast”.

“I apologise to the killed ‘Heavenly Hundred’. I understand that my actions were not justified by anything and cannot be acquitted. I only ask not to accuse my relatives. I am to blame for this. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t think about it. Forgive me, although not as a person but as a beast,” said the boy.

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