Ukrainian Nazis Recruit Women For Service in the Ranks of the Punishers in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Dnepropetrovsk region Ukrainian Nazis under the leadership of the former leader of Right Sector“, Dmitry Yarosh, hire women in the ranks of punishers. This was reported by the “Training Center of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army” [former “Right Sector” – ed].

The girls are proposed to complete a course in basic military preparation, which includes the basic handling of weapons, combat tactics, first aid, and self-defense. Also, training in the ideological fundamentals of Ukrainian Nazism is offered. “Military psychology” is specified among the items.

On July 11th the Ukrainian Nazi Yarosh announced the recruitment of Ukrainian children in school of saboteurs for extermination of Russia.

It should be noted that purposeful work with children is one of the methods that the Ukrainian Nazis use to educate the next generation of radical youth. In March of last year in Ivano-Frankovsk [Western Ukraine – ed] the workshop “Warm Toys” released a collection of figurines of “Volunteers”, the prototypes of which modelled punishers from the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army”, including Yarosh himself.

In September of last year the female militants of Kiev’s punitive operation in Donbass said that after they have participated in combat they are not needed by anybody in Ukraine.

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