Ukrainian Nazis Stormed a Book Shop in Khmelnitsky and Burned Copies of Oles Buzina’s Books

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Khmelnitsky the books of the Ukrainian publicist and writer Oles Buzina, who was killed in Kiev in April, 2015, are being burned.

A video showing the burning of books was posted by nationalists from the “Feniks” organisation.

In the video it can be seen how nationalists came into the bookstore and started to ask the seller loaded questions.

“What do you think of the fact that books of such Ukrainophobes like Oles Buzina are on sale?” asked one of the provokers.

The employee of the shop noted that a Ukrainian publishing house is engaged in the printing of books, but this didn’t suit the nationalists.

“You can just as easily sell portraits of Putin and Russian flags. Do you in general have a conscience? This person derides Shevchenko, here is ‘Vampire Shevchenko’, he derides our national heroes,” said the nationalist provocatively.

After that the participants of the “action” burned several books written by Oles Buzina near the bookstore, because, according to them, the book “Vampire Shevchenko” kindles ethnic strife.

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