Ukrainian Nazis Trashed the Office of a Communist Public Organisation in Kharkov

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On Monday, May 7th in Kharkov members of National Corpus and National Druzhina trashed the office of the public organisation “Labour in the Kharkov Region”.

The head of “Labour in the Kharkov Region” Pavel Tyshchenko reported to the correspondent of the “Interfax Ukraine” agency that a group of unknown young people trashed the office of the organisation. According to him, nobody was in the office during the attack, but the attackers were seen by people in neighbouring offices and also two members of “Labour in the Kharkov Region”.

“National Corpus together with National Druzhina visited the office of this organisation and confiscated all communist attributes and propaganda. Due to the inaction of law enforcement bodies Ukrainian citizens should stop manifestations of separatism and fight for Ukrainian order,” it is said in the video statement of the chief of staff of the Kharkov National Corpus Konstantin Nemichev.

Nemichev called “Labour in the Kharkov Region” “frankly separatist”.

Young people in t-shirts with the inscription “National Druzhina” and a trident came into the office of “Labour in the Kharkov Region”. Nemichev kicked the door in. Then they ripped red banners, posters, portraits of Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) from the walls, overturned furniture, took flags with symbols of “Labour in the Kharkov Region”, the USSR, and Karl Marx’s portrait into the street, tore them them up, and threw them into the trash can.

The police registered information about the incident in the unified register of offenses.

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“Labour in the Kharkov Region” carries out events timed with May 1st, February 23rd, and other holidays.

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