Ukrainian Nazis Wearing SS Symbols Attended a Bandera “Memorial Evening” in Kiev

Ukrainian nationalists held a peculiar “memorial evening” in the Columned Hall of the Kiev City Council on the anniversary of the murder of the leader of OUN Stepan Bandera. During the meeting adherents of radical ideas showed the personal belongings of the supporter of Hitler and praised his merits.

The evening event was organised by the non-state analytical center “Ukrainian Strategic Research Studio”, the “Litopys UPA” publishing house of former UPA soldiers of the US and Canada, and the art association “Kuvshin”. Despite the fact that the event brought together a large number of followers of nationalist ideas, no public post-release was released. However, a video from the evening appeared on the Internet, and it openly shows fascist symbols.

The media and social network users reacted to it. Many were outraged by the fact that one of the participants of the so-called memorial evening openly wore a SS patch, from the “Totenkopf” tank division. People immediately asked: will there be any punishment for thugs who profess neo-Nazism? It is worth reminding that on the territory of Ukraine, like in other countries, there is a ban on the demonstration of symbols of the Third Reich.

Ekaterina Zemlyanskaya

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