Ukrainian Nazis Will Not Be Punished for Their Crimes, Regardless of the Election Result

No new Ukrainian government will investigate the war crimes committed by the Petro Poroshenko regime, because in the end this threatens to legally acknowledge the fact of a coup d’état in 2014, which will ruin the entire structure of the civil service and the armed forces, where almost everyone has blood on their hands.

This was stated by the political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko to the correspondent of the “PolitNavigator” news agency.

“It is possible to start investigations. It is even possible to hit the right point on the right people. But to finish them with comprehensive and honest decisions – this hurts such a layer, this touches all the military, in the rank of at least Major and higher, and maybe even lower, it touches the security services completely, it touches the Interior Ministry completely, it touches the Nazi troops completely. Who then will remain?

Orders descend on a certain structure, along a ladder. And the last one who does not give an order is the one who directly presses the trigger. And all the others give him orders. And all of them, in accordance with international standards, are war criminals who gave criminal orders. And as soon as you snag at least one, they immediately start speaking about everyone else.

And since there is a mechanism such as international legal proceedings, which Ukraine has joined in almost all the nuances and subtleties, then, accordingly, you simply cannot get around this problem. You can jail Parubiy, Turchynov, and so on within the country, but the fact is that the investigation will then continue at the international level later, if you start it, and it can come to you, you can be sure of that. You know the proverb: ‘don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

Therefore, yes, they can investigate a little something there, and to jail a couple of specific people, but what exactly can they be jailed for? For the fact that ‘he, the son of a b*tch, sabotaged resistance in Crimea, did not allow the troops to use weapons, they tried to kill all the aggressors, but they were not allowed to’. For this they can jail 10, 20, 30 people.

They can also jail people for the fact that ‘the enemy of the people killed people on Maidan. After all, nobody knew about it, everyone thought that it was Yanukovych, but it was Parubiy or Pashinsky‘. That they can do this too. They can highlight exactly this point. Already everything is played out. They killed back then, they are criminals – yes, this can be solved.

But even the seizure of state power is illegal, as they say, if they bring this investigation to at least the first jail sentences, this will be the de-legitimisation of their entire structure.

It is clear that, again, this has already been played out, they have already had first, second, third elections, but, nevertheless, it is all the same as saying now at the official level that we in Russia make a decision, for example, about the fact that the Belovezha Accords were signed incorrectly, to denounce them, or something else. Then the modern structure of the Russian government starts to cave in, the question arises: ‘Where does the continuity come from?’. And it will be the same thing for them.

If they remove all their institutionalisation as the victory of the ‘Maidan revolution’ and start calling it a coup d’état, then they have an institutional problem within their own structure. Therefore, there are things that they can afford, and there are things that they can’t at all afford even with Igor Kolomoisky’s wide generosity.”

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