Ukrainian Nazis Will Train the Children of Odessa for the “Ukrainian Resistance”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Odessa former militants from the so-called “ATO” opened a “Ukrainian resistance” military camp for children where the young inhabitants of Odessa are being trained by representatives of the “Self-defense of Odessa” radical organisation. 
This was reported by the organisation itself on its Facebook page.

“Our self-defence forces joined the training classes at the ‘Ukrainian Resistance’ military-patriotic camp for children. Instructors from ‘Self-defense of Odessa’ gave classes for young cadets in the correct handling of small arms, the basics of camoflague, mine safety, and provided training in opening fire from training-sports weapons.

The ‘Ukrainian Resistance’ camp for children in the Razdelnaya district of the Odessa region was organised on a voluntary basis, without the use of budgetary funds, thanks to the efforts of Vladimir Vasilenko and his team. This project has united many people who think about the future of Ukraine …

The patriotic education of our youth is very important today. That’s why activists from ‘Self-defense of Odessa’ help to train children and teenagers always with pleasure. We are always glad to offer our instructors and manuals, and to provide other help in the organisation of training children.

We are sure that the new generation will serve our native Ukraine faithfully and honestly!” it is said in the statement.

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