Ukrainian Nazism 1941: Exactly Like Today!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

Evaluate the depth of Ukrainian collaborators’ caving in to the Nazi occupants!

Before you is the directive of the collaborationist authorities of Dneprodzerzhinsk about the “de-communization” of the city’s streets. It was published exactly 75 years ago, on 9th October, 1941. That is, it was not enough for them that they had renamed Dneprodzerzhinsk to Kamenskoye – they also needed to rename streets there – exactly as it is today!


And here, by the directive of the authorities in the occupied Dneprodzerzhinsk, appear the streets “Nemetskaya” – meaning “German’s” – and “Germany” (instead of the overly-“Communist” name of “Sportivnaya”) and even “Vikings” street! But the most fun: “Hans Berger Avenue” appears here too. Do you know after whom it is named? In honor of the German commandant of Dneprodzerzhinsk! So saying they “caved in” is actually exactly what they did!


By the way, I don’t understand the current Ukrainian authorities. They restored the name given to the city by the Nazis in 1941. And why don’t they restore “German’s Street” and “Berger Street”? There is no need to invent something new, everything is already ready! Or will it be the next phase?


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